Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here we are in week three

Wow, its my third week already and even though it has only been 2 days, its been one of the busiest!! Yesterday I had two clients scheduled but I found out (about an hour before my tx session) that one was being d/c'd... I didn't have a chance to say buy to her because she has already left for a doctor's appointment. I was kinda sad because she was my first client that I was treating there. My other client is doing really well, she has not been complaining of pain as much lately (she had an acute flare up of arthritis in both upper extremities). I am having such difficulty writing her daily notes though, I feel like she is so high functioning right now that I'm not really doing that much and I have to put what skilled intervention I DO in my note.
I just hate the whole business side...like i said in my last post and because even though my client is basically independent in her ADL's and we have cooked and she did fine with that, she can clean her house and has been demonstrating normal ROM in her UE and not complaining of pain....it seems that I'm not allowed to put in my notes that she is independent...because they want to keep her in the facility to make money (since Medicare will pay for 21 days they want her to stay those 21 days). It really irks me because I feel like she has the tools and skills necessary to be independent at home again..but I can't say that. it is sooo annoying. makes me wonder if it is like this every where? if not, I must find that exception!

Yesterday, I participated in my first evaluation. I feel so bad for this client, she makes me sad! She is in her 70's and fell last week and broke her left distal radius (one of the bones in your forearm) and has severe bruising on her left hip. Also she had torn her rotator cuff in her right arm a couple years ago and she has decreased range of motion and strength in that arm. AND on top of that, she has had back surgery and has severe pain from that. Its just sad bc I feel like she is in pain all of the time!
Anyways, I was responsible for filling out the eval and writing her eval note and daily tx note yesterday. And today, I saw her this morning for bathing at the sink, grooming and dressing. I was sweating so bad bc her room was hot and she is max A for pretty much everything from getting out of bed to the wheel chair, to washing her back and legs to transferring from her wheel chair to the toilet..so its a lot of work to get her up, bathed and dressed. I have my work cut out with her that's for sure!

Today I just did not have that great of a day though. Last night we had to sign the papers to officially sell my grandparents house (since my Nana died in December and it just now sold). I have been sad ever since and just holding back the tears and keeping myself from really thinking about the fact that I will never go to their house again. so I was a little emotional inside today and then when I started getting 'constructive criticism' on my daily notes I almost started crying but I held it back thankfully. I just wasn't in the mood today bc my mind was flooded with other emotions. Luckily we finished the day around 3 so I didn't have to stay a full work day.

  I've decided that tomorrow will be better!

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Im'ma Make OT said...

Yes it will. You are doing great on keeping us updated on everything that is going on there. Some of the lingo I don't understand, of course because I have not had my lessons but you can most defenatly tell that you are using what you learn! Hope the best for you.

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