Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello, week 2

Well I'm not almost halfway through week number two. I have gotten my second patient who has arthritis in both upper extremities, every joint except her elbows.
Yesterday we did a quick eval and then I got to wrap her fingers in coband because of the edema (it is similar to an ace bandage but is thinner and more porous. You wrap it tight at the finger tips and then make the wrapping more loose as you move proximal to 'squeeze' the fluid out of her fingers. White the fingers were wrapped we had her hands on a wedge to allow gravity to help move the fluid and we also worked on some fine motor activities (peg board, putty..) to get her fingers moving to help move the fluid.
She is such a great lady, SO motivated, I think she would stay in the rehab gym alll day if we would let her. She seems to want to push her self too hard thought, esp being in the acute phase of inflammation and pain.
Today we did the shoulder arc (see pic for a similar one) to work on shoulder flexion, abduction and horizontal adduction. Then I got to do ultrasounds on both of her shoulders for the pain and then we did the shoulder arc again to see if there was a difference in pain level before/after the ultrasound. She loved the ultrasounds and said it really helped so that was great.

I also saw my other client this morning, who had a CABG and we worked on sorting and stapling packets of paper for the department, to work on hand strength and FM and then stood at the counter to make a sandwich and wash the dishes. I'm kindof getting stuck with her though because she is doing so well but still gets OT every day.

As far as documentation goes today, I had to write a daily note for my two patients and a weekly note was due today for one of them so I had to do that as well. I struggled a little with the weekly but I think my next one will be easier!

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