Thursday, June 14, 2012


Because not everyone that reads this knows the terms that I use pretty often, I thought I would have this little 'glossary' post for the abbreviations! Sorry these aren't in any particular order and I will prob add to this as I use them or think of them-and feel free to ask me about any terms or abbreviations!

UB- upper body
LB- lower body
UE- upper extremity
LE- lower extremity
R- right
L- left
B- both (i.e. B UE= both upper extremities)
ADL- Activities of Daily Living (incl dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming etc..)
IADL- Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (incl shopping, meal prep, pet care, child care etc..)
AE- adaptive equipment (ie reacher, sock aid..)
d/c- discharge
ROM- range of motion
MMT- manual muscle testing
max A- pt needs maximum assistance (pt does less that 25-49% of task)
mod A- pt needs moderate assistance (pt does about 50-74% of task)
min A- pt needs minimal assistance (pt does 75% or more of task)
mod I- modified independence- pt is independent with task but uses adaptive equipment
dep- dependent
SBA- stand by assistance
CGA- contact guard assistance
EOB- edge of bed
SOB- shortness of breath
HEP- home exercise plan
tx- treatment
NWB- non weight bearing
WBAT- weight bearing as tolerated by pt
TTWB- toe-touch weight bearing
PWB- partial weight bearing
fx- fracture
CABG- coronary artery bypass graft
CVA- cerebrovascular accident (aka stroke)
TBI- traumatic brain injury
SCI- spinal cord injury
THA- total hip arthroplasty
TSA- total shoulder arthroplasty
FM- fine motor
GM- gross motor
Ther ex- therapeutic exercise
Ther act- therapeutic activity

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