Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pediatric Client: Treatment Session 1

Last week we started treating our pediatric clients! like I said before, we are treating in pairs. We each had to come up with our own goals (1 LTG, 4 STG's) and treatment activities for our session.
Last week we worked on handwriting, finger idenfication/isolation and shoe-tying.
For handwriting, we put shaving cream on a mirror and had him draw letters in the shaving cream, we also traced letters on his  back with our fingers and then had him draw the letter than he felt.
For finger isolation/identification we used finger monsters in a 'lesson' to go over all of the finger names. and then we had him draw his had on the paper, then label and color each finger a different color
then for shoe tying we had a paper plate with holes around the outside that he laced a shoe string around and then we helped him to tie a bow at the top (like a wreath) then decorate the plate.

It went really well and we got good feedback from our clinic supervisor, and our client seemed to enjoy the activities!

Tomorrow, we have our second tx session....we'll be working on isolating the radial digits, fine motor skills, handwriting and shoe-tying again.

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