Friday, October 14, 2011

Pediatric Client : parent interview + eval

This semester I'm in a Pediatric OT class. For this class this is a clinical component and we are actually seeing REAL clients, in pairs and under the supervision of our professor. I have clinic on Thursdays for an hour, and we'll see them until the end of November. The child I'm seeing is 6 1/2 years old and is in the first grade!
Two weeks ago we interviewed his mom for an hour and got to meet him. Kate (my classmate/partner) and I split up the questions and each talked to her for about 30 minutes. This was my second time interviewing a parent and I thought it went pretty well. It was about how I expected it but the mom had been through this process before so she knew what types of questions I may ask and the kind of information I was looking for. Asking the questions didn't go exactly how I planned bc she just talked and talked (which is good- the whole narrative thing) but I was so scattered with my interview notes that it made analyzing it a little difficult.
Yesterday we had G come back in for the evaluation. Kate and I chose to use the BOT-2- a test of motor proficiency, and we only did 2 of the subtests that covered Fine Motor abilities. It was my first time administering an evaluation to a real child. I had administered the Peabody twice to my professor, but it's different with an actual child. It went okay, it was pretty easy to administer and the items self-explanatory.
After that we had a clinical observation planned. It was an obstacle course with stations that had different activities. The stations were:
1. "treasure hunt" we had a big tub of rice with large foam beads of different shapes and sizes buried in it and had him find the beads and then lace them onto a string
2. we hid beads in play-doh and had him try and pick them all out.
3. Simon says
4. building with toothpicks and fruit snacks (idea from :
5. finger painting/stamping. I printed out this tree and looked at finger isolation, then he tried to stamp with mini marshmallows (idea from: )

Between the stations we set up things like a balance beam, a tunnel, scooter boards and textured circle steps.
Overall it went really well! we have to write up our eval report, a reflection paper for the interview/eval process and come up with goals and activities for next thursday when we start treating!

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