Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pediatric Client: Treatment Session 2

Last Thursday we had our second treatment session with our little kiddo! And our prof videotaped us...yeah I don't ever want to see that video haha I hate how I sound on camera.

We worked on finger identification, handwriting and radial digit isolation and shoe-tying
*For finger ID- we had 3 pairs of gloves (working on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th digits mainly) and had one of those fingers cut out of each glove so when he put the glove on either his 2nd, 3rd or 4th digit was sticking out and not covered by the glove. Then we had him close his eyes, i touched a finger and had him identify it by name.
I was so happy that he met his goal of identifying fingers with 90% accuracy by last week :) We will still review it these next two weeks tho.
*For handwriting, we flattened a piece of play-doh out on the table and gave him a stylus. Then we traced a letter with our finger on his back and had him draw the letter in the play doh. Once we did a handful of letters like that, I just had him write the alphabet on a sheet of lined paper so see how he was with writing every letter like he would be expected in the classroom. Only one reversal, but some inconsistent letter sizes and spacing between letters.
*For radial digit isolation we "fed the tennis ball". Kate had gotten two tennis balls and cut slits in them for mouths, them we decorated them with faces. He was to use his radial digits to pick up beads/pom-poms and put them into the tennis ball's 'mouth'. we also worked on handstrength with this too- sometimes we would be holding it open for him to put "food" into, and then sometimes he would hold the ball open while we put the 'food' in the mouth. He REALLY liked this activity so we may repeat it :)
*Annnd then there was shoe-tying. Oh I wish it were easy to teach this! We went from a shoe-tying book and tried to go page-by-page. He has the first step down pat, but its the from the "bunny ears"/loops and on that gives him trouble. This week we are going to do some backward chaining to try and teach him to tie his shoes. I REALLY want him to reach this goal in the next two weeks- I know his mom would be SO happy if he could tie his own shoes! =)

Only TWO more tx sessions before he will be discharged!

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