Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disability for a day

Last Fall, our teacher assigned each of us a disability/condition and we had to pretend like we had that disability for an entire day.  Some had to use slings, some ear plugs (Deafness), some crutches and some of us were in wheelchairs.

I had to be in a wheelchair for the whole day! and let me know you- it was HARD! and I definitely underestimated how difficult it would be. My arms were sore the next day. The part I remember most was getting to work and actually having to work. The ramp to the building where I work was SO steep I couldn't make it up on my own, I had to grab onto the handrail and inch myself up...while people were watching me struggle. I also had a hard time at work in the library, some of the shelves were way to high for me to reach, and the isles too narrow. Oh and I had to go all the way across campus to the bigger library and had to use the elevator, a man was on there with me and was just staring at my legs, I really thought he was going to ask me why I had to be in a wheelchair.

Overall it was definitely a great experience and I have a whole new respect for those needing to use a wheelchair everyday.  Public places think they are doing such a great job at making their building "handicap accessible" but really, they aren't, ramps are too steep, doorways are too narrow, and entrances with the automatic doors are inconvenient... I'm very thankful I do not really have to rely on a wheelchair everyday.

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