Friday, October 12, 2012

ASIA testing

Today, we did ASIA testing on my Spinal Cord patient.. The PT had done a couple ASIA testings on other patients but me and my supervisor had never done one before so it was really neat to participate...and I got to test his legs :)
This is the form that is used...
The dots on the body to the right of the form are the areas that you test sensation using the cotton or the pin prick..the pt has to tell you what they feel, and where they feel it. It wasn't as complicated as I was originally thinking! The pt came it diagnosed as a t12  SCI but we found out that he is more like a t10 SCI with his motor movement and sensation.

Today, I used a reacher, cones and a ring toss activity to work with him on seated balance activities, I wrote a short term goal for him to be able to sit on the edge of the mat table for up to 1 minute with min assist...this will be important for transfers to the bedside commode, and especially when he goes home. I'm looking forward to monday bc we are going to get on the mat with him and do some fun things! I can't wait to learn so much about SCI and how to treat and teach them different techniques! Keep ya posted :)

Have a great weekend :)


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Thisis the bread and butter for me because I want to work un Neuro, brain and spine. Just to make sure I know where we are t10 is for thorasic nerve 10 where his parapoligic right? Sorry typing with a sleepy fussy baby in my left arm. LOL, well not really, trying to put her to bed and she is fighting it the whole way!

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Thanks, my email address in

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